Heat's latest acquisition: Doward International 



Heat is proud to announce the latest in a string of acquisitions, the purchase of Australian powerhouse distribution business, Doward International, effective November 2nd 2016.

Doward is one of Australia’s longest-standing companies, owned and managed by three generations of the Goodman family since 1920. Doward own and have the distribution agreements for over 100 brands, predominantly selling into pharmacies and non-majors nationwide, with some key accounts with major retailers. Major owned brands include bodytools™, Medi Manager™, The Beauty Case™, Fleurique™ Windsor™, Rainmates™ and Reflections. Major distributor brands include Simpkins Travel Sweets, The Wheat Bag, Macks, Mason Pearson, Clearwipe, Jack ‘N Jill and Go Travel.

Throughout the final months of 2016 the Doward team will transition into the Heat head offices, streamlining back-office operations and creating synergies across brand offerings and customer channels.

Download the media release below.

Media release

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