Mason Pearson




Mason Pearson brushes can improve the condition of your hair.

The careful craftsmanship of these hand-made hairbrushes is what gives each brush beautiful balance when you hold it. The wide, contoured face and dense mix of soft bristles gives your hair a thorough work out. Plus their chic, vintage styling means it never goes out of date.

In every Mason Pearson brush the special rubber cushion flexes the bristles to massage the scalp and the brushing action directs a natural oil called sebum to the ends of your hair, adding body and re-balancing the effects of hair product residues, colouring, or daily washing. Importantly the brushes are specially designed to remove static and stop that fly-away hair.

The simple solution!

Split or Dry Ends – regular brushing

Thinning Hair – choose a pure bristle brush

Blow Drying & Straightening – choose a larger brush

Static and fly-away hair – choose a pure bristle brush

Choose the right brush!

Choose a pure bristle brush if you have fine or thinning hair

For normal to thick hair and wavy hair choose a brush

with a mix of pure bristles and nylon

For long, thick hair choose a large pure bristle & nylon brush

Stockists: David Jones, Myer, Peters of Kensington, selected pharmacies and Price Attack.

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