Billie Goat packaging update 



Heat’s goats milk skincare brand Billie Goat has recently undergone a significant packaging update- to refresh the brand, and in doing so, better differentiate its eczema range “Nature’s Remedy” from the “Everyday” range, which is designed for people with normal and sensitive skin.

The brand has retained its heritage green colour, as well its iconic goat logo, however the designs have been streamlined, allowing product features and benefits to come to the fore.

Billie Goat everyday range

The Billie Goat Everyday range pictured above contains goats milk and botanicals and is suitable for use by the whole family, and for people with sensitive skin.


Billie Goat natures range

Nature’s Remedy, pictured above, has a more clinical appearance, to help consumers easily identify these products and their ability to soothe, heal and repair skin affected by eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis and other serious dry skin conditions. This was balanced with the range’s natural ingredients, which include a high percentage of goats milk, oils and extracts. The streamlined look and clearer product claims and proof points work together to strengthen the brand’s credibility within the eczema community of Australia, which will help sufferers everywhere ‘believe in Billie’.

Billie Goat is available in selected Priceline stores, pharmacies, health food stores and online. Find your nearest stockist here.

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